Prince Louis’s Smile Is So Big in This New Portrait, We Bet Prince George Had Something to Do With It


Just when we thought that Prince Louis couldn’t get any cuter, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge decided to share another adorable photograph of the little royal. In the precious snap, which was taken alongside Louis’s official christening portraits, a radiant Kate can be seen cradling her laughing baby boy in her arms in the garden of Clarence House. And while we might never know what prompted such a sweet reaction from the 2-month-old, we have a feeling that cheeky Prince George and Princess Charlotte might be the reason behind those giggles.

Prince Louis’s christening was the first time we got to get a glimpse at the tiny royal since his official photos with sister Charlotte in May. As the precious christening portraits were released over the weekend, Kate and William enjoyed some couple time at Wimbledon to watch the men’s singles final, and the Duchess of Cambridge also spent some quality time with Meghan Markle when the duo checked out Serena Williams’s match.

I’m a Trainer, and This Is the Arm Workout I Do For Lean, Strong Arms

You don’t need to spend hours in the gym in order to have a great workout. If you’re short on time but still want to get your butt kicked, you need to do this 15-minute workout. It targets your biceps, triceps, shoulders, and trapezius muscle (a muscle in your upper back), and we promise it’ll make you stronger mentally and physically.

The Workout

Complete four rounds of the following circuit.
Take as little rest as possible in between each exercise; if you need a break, take it, but keep it to two minutes max.

Warning: everyday tasks like picking up items may be hard to do for up to three days post-workout (seriously, but you’ll be stronger). Be sure to warm up before your workout, and you’ll probably want to foam roll your arms afterward.


Gisele Bündchen’s Black Bikini Is So Damn Sexy, No Wonder Tom Brady Is Packing on the PDA

Gisele Bündchen and Tom Brady are bringing the heat this Summer. The adorable couple, who recently celebrated their ninth wedding anniversary this past February, was spotted in Costa Rica along with their children. While enjoying a family beach day, the duo could barely keep their hands off of each other and we’re pretty sure it had something to do with Gisele’s amazing bikini.

The supermodel wore a classic black triangle bikini top that came with a pair of cheeky side-tie bottoms. Gisele’s flattering swimsuit accentuated her long legs and toned abs. She accessorized with hoop earrings and oversize sunglasses. Read on to take a look at Gisele’s swimsuit from all angles and buy similar versions for your wardrobe ahead.


We’ve Got News That’ll Make ’90s Kids Want to Roar Like Reptar — Rugrats Is Coming Back!

THE RUGRATS MOVIE,  Lil (front left), Tommy Pickles (voice: Elizabeth Daily), Chuckie Finster (top, voice: Christine Cavanaugh), Phil (front right, voice: Kath Soucie), Dil (top right, voice: Tara Strong), 1998. Paramount/courtesy Everett Collection

“A baby’s gotta do what a baby’s gotta do,” and apparently that means star in a classic cartoon revival! Beloved children’s show Rugrats is officially getting the reboot treatment, and not just with new episodes. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Nickelodeon has ordered more than two dozen new episodes of the cartoon — which ended its original run in 2004 — and a live-action film with CGI characters. Now that’s something to let out a Reptar roar about, don’t you think?

Viacom executive Sarah Levy told the publication:
“Rugrats is hands down one of the most celebrated cartoons in TV history, and we are thrilled for a whole new audience to meet these iconic characters in brand-new adventures. What was true in 1991 when the original show premiered is still true today: kids are fascinated with the world of babies. We can’t wait for today’s kids to meet Tommy, Chuckie, and pals.”

Rugrats joins an impressive roster of other Nickelodeon legacy shows, like Blue’s Clues and Double Dare, that have gotten the reboot treatment, and we’re so excited to catch up with our favorite cartoon babies. Kids from the ’90s and a whole new generation of fans can expect to catch up with the Pickles, Finster, DeVille, and Carmichael families when the new movie hits the big screen in 2020, and more details about the TV series will come soon!

This $14 Face Cream Is Amazon Prime Day’s Top Trending Product on the ENTIRE Site

People freak out over the tech, fashion, and decor deals on Amazon Prime Day, but the most popular product this year might shock you. This Baebody Retinol Moisturizer ($14, originally $40) is the top trending item on sale. Seriously! Customers are adding it to their carts for the huge discount and the spectacular reviews it has received. A whopping 3,300 customers have reviewed the cream, and 70 percent of them give it five stars. That’s impressive.

The active retinol in this formula helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and fade dark spots. It also includes hyaluronic acid, which moisturizes and plumps the skin. Just make sure to test a small area of your skin before use, since retinol is a strong ingredient that can cause burning. If used correctly, the results can be very satisfying.

“As a licensed master esthetician, I am always on the look out for new product for skin care,” one buyer wrote. “When I found this one, I could not wait to try it. I am in my 40s and want to keep the signs of aging at bay. This cream is wonderful, the jar is air tight — very important to maintain potency. One pump was enough for face, the product went on super smooth. It has a very light, pleasant scent. It absorbed in my skin quickly with no greasy feel or stickiness and my skin feels silky-smooth after the application. I am very excited to see how long term use benefits my skin.”

This sale ends in a few hours, so snag this cream ASAP!

Reese’s and Hershey’s Whipped Creams Really Exist, So I’m Never Eating Waffles Plain Again

Remember when you were a kid and whipped cream would go straight from the can to your mouth? No buffers of ice cream or waffles were necessary; all you needed was that aerosol dairy goodness. Well, prepare to revert back to your childhood days: Reese’s and Hershey’s whipped cream flavors exist, and they look good enough to eat straight.

While Instagram user markie_devo teased rumors of the whipped toppings in June, it seemed almost too good to be true. In 2018, do we deserve something as wonderful as peanut buttery, chocolate goodness layered on top of our favorite desserts? The answer, it turns out, is abso-freaking-lutely.

Thanks to some careful sleuthing, a few lucky food fans have already found the actual whipped creams at their local Hy-Vee. We haven’t seen the tasty treats at any other supermarket yet, but our fingers are definitely crossed and our mouths are already watering.


This Is Not a Drill — These Are the Best Fitness Finds From Amazon Prime Day

We’re not sure we need an excuse to buy another sports bra or pair of cute pink sneakers, but just case, we have good news for you. Amazon Prime Day is here and better than we ever dreamed of. The giant sale starts on July 16 and lasts for 36 hours only! You won’t want to miss out because hundreds of superpopular items are marked down more than ever. Whether you need stylish new activewear or useful at-home workout tools, we have you covered. We rounded up its best fitness finds so all you have to do is shop. Don’t drag your feet, because these deals won’t last for long.


9 Amazon Prime Day Skin Care Deals That Are Too Good to Pass Up

Amazon Prime Day is finally here, and we’re stocking up on all of our favorite beauty products (at steep discounts) while we can. For 36 hours, we’ll have access to “lightning deals” during which a product will be on sale for a few hours, or Prime Day Deals in which the discount will be applied as you checkout.

If you’ve been aching to try some of Amazon’s most beloved skincare products, now is the time to order. Whether you’ve been looking for the perfect retinol cream or want to order a few acne spot treatments, we’ve picked out the best deals for you to shop now.


OMG, This Cozy Hotel Bathrobe Is on Sale For Amazon Prime Day — It Comes in 10 Colors!

There’s nothing better than wrapping yourself up in a cozy robe on a cold night or after a shower. We especially love the fuzzy ones that are super soft. Luckily, there is an excellent option on sale just for for Amazon Prime Day. This Superior Hotel & Spa Robe ($31, originally $44) is majorly discounted and made of 100 percent cotton.

It comes in 10 different colors, including white, black, pink, lilac, green, and tan. The plush material is quick-drying and made to be a spa-quality design. Treat yourself or get it as a gift. Either way, it’s a smart investment. The deal only lasts for five hours, so don’t hesitate to press “add to cart.”

Is This Real Life? This Tufted Sofa Is $360 Off For Amazon Prime Day

Finding a stylish sofa that fits your living room and aesthetic is no easy feat, especially when you’re on a budget. Thankfully, Amazon Prime Day is here to save the day. The highly anticipated sale starts on July 16 and lasts for just 36 hours! We’re already splurging on tech gadgets and cute dresses, but when we shopped the mega retailer’s home furniture section, we were floored for the deal on this Stone & Beam Bradbury Chesterfield Tufted Sofa ($639, originally $999).

The eye-catching sofa has a modern twist on the classic Chesterfield sofa, and we want it now. The navy material is perfect for any room with a neutral palette. Plus, its dark shade will hold up for years without showing stains or dirt. The comfortable arms and deep cushions not only make it pretty but also comfy as hell. You’ll never want to leave. Finding a piece that looks this good and is actually comfy is rare, especially for under $1,000.

Only a limited number are available until the sale is over — hurry and get yours now!

How “She-J” Nikki Pennie Is Shaking Up the Male-Dominated EDM Industry

NEW YORK, NY - JUNE 10:  DJ Nikki Pennie attends day 2 of POPSUGAR Play/Ground on June 10, 2018 in New York City.  (Photo by Brian Ach/Getty Images for POPSUGAR Play/Ground)

I met Nikki Pennie at POPSUGAR Play/Ground in June, where she was spinning all-female music all weekend. That Pennie was the in-house DJ at POPSUGAR’s female empowerment event aligns perfectly with her background: she’s worked as a fashion stylist, she serves as the official DJ for Dior Beauty, and — in the very male-dominated fields of electronic dance music and sound engineering — Pennie’s primary goal is to elevate and promote female artists.

Later this Summer, the self-proclaimed “She-J” is releasing a six-song EP of EDM; she describes her sound as “a mix between Flume and elegant Skrillex.” One of the tracks is an EDM cover of “Last Night a DJ Saved My Life” called “Last Night a SheJ Saved My Life.” All of the songs feature up-and-coming female vocalists, including Edei, Leslie Powell, Sissy Clemens, and Quinn Archer. “The songs are girl-power dance anthems,” Pennie says proudly.

Pennie moved from London to Los Angeles about eight years ago, where she worked as a stylist for Issa. “Randomly, I got asked by a few brands to DJ,” Pennie recalls. “I went to dinner with some friends of mine who work in the DJ world, and I was like, ‘Guys I’ve gotten offered these jobs and I don’t know how to DJ.'” They put Pennie in touch with a renowned British music producer named Dave Garnish, who was coming to Los Angeles to train DJs. The serendipitous timing allowed Pennie to find her mentor and spend a few months apprenticing under Garnish.

Pennie started doing small events and found she had special skill for reading a room. That, combined with her producing chops, led to her DJing events all over the world within six months. “This was suddenly my main source of income, which I never thought would happen,” Pennie says.

It probably comes as no surprise to anyone that Pennie encountered challenges as a woman succeeding in a male-dominated field. “It was tough in the beginning, because I got a lot of backlash from male sound engineers, and I still get backlash from male DJs. I think they thought I got ahead because I’m in a pretty dress at glamorous parties.” But Pennie knows her sh*t: “When I talk about producing with other guys [in the field], they can’t believe my knowledge.”

In 2016, she got the gig as Dior Beauty DJ. In addition to serving as a brand ambassador, she DJs Dior events and attends Fashion Week shows. “I wasn’t into makeup before, but now I’m a total junkie,” Pennie says. She particularly loves the new, more affordable Dior Backstage line as well as Dior Lip Glow ($34), which is perfect for keeping her lips moisturized while DJing since she can apply it without a mirror.

While she’s a recent convert to beauty, Pennie has always been into music. As a kid, she played the piano, recorder, and violin, and her all-time favorite artists are — unsurprisingly — all women: Nina Simone, Aretha Franklin, Adele, Amy Winehouse, and the Spice Girls. She also gravitates toward girl-power anthems like “Unstoppable” by Sia and “Run the World (Girls)” by Beyoncé.

After POPSUGAR Play/Ground, Pennie jetted off to DJ at The Girls Lounge at Cannes Lions. “I love being a part of things that are so female-empowering where you meet so many amazing women,” she says.

Whoa! Meghan Markle Dropped Cryptic Clues About Her Future With Prince Harry in These Old Interviews

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry got engaged in November 2017 and tied the knot in a beautiful ceremony in May 2018. While the royal couple were initially pretty tight-lipped on details regarding their romance, it turns out that Meghan actually dropped a couple of cryptic clues about her future with Harry in some old interviews — and we totally missed them! In a rapid-fire style interview with Suits back in August 2016, Meghan was asked what she cooks to impress someone. “A perfect roast chicken,” she excitedly replied. Hmm . . . didn’t Harry propose while they were cooking a roast chicken at their Kensington Palace cottage?


But that’s not all! When Meghan sat down with LifeStyle Mag in May 2017, she was asked about what she listens to when she’s happy. “When I’m happy, I listen to Whitney Houston’s ‘I Wanna Dance With Somebody.’ Such a good song!,” Meghan responded. Whoa, there! In case you don’t remember, that’s the very song that Harry and Meghan chose for their first dance at their wedding! Wow, consider us mind-blown.

Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen Sneak In Sexy PDA During a Family Beach Day in Costa Rica

There have been tons of sizzling PDA moments from celebrity couples this year, but this Summer just got a whole lot hotter thanks to Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen. The couple — who celebrated their ninth wedding anniversary this past February — recently returned to Costa Rica with their kids, Vivian, Jack, and Benjamin, and on Saturday, Tom and Gisele were all loved up while enjoying a family beach day. The pair snuck in a little PDA as they shared a few kisses and held hands while walking along the beach. Gisele, of course, looked incredible in a black string bikini, and Tom went shirtless and worked on his tan.

Gisele and Tom first met back in 2006 and have been together ever since. Just last month, Gisele participated in Vogue’s “73 Questions” series, and she revealed exactly how Tom popped the question. Even though it initially started off as a prank, we’re glad it all worked out.


Please Hold — These Are All the Clothes We’re Buying From Amazon Prime Day

Amazon Prime Day has finally arrived. While we’re already stocking up on tech gadgets and stylish furniture, we can’t forget about the site’s fashion selection. For 36 hours only, the mega retailer is putting tons of its most popular clothing items on sale, and we’re already running for our wallets. Whether you’re on the hunt for a maxi dress with pockets, a chic skirt for work, or comfortable sandals, we have you covered. To make the most of your time, we rounded up the hottest picks on clothes and even some bags and shoes. Don’t wait too long, though; some of these deals expire within hours. Take a look.


Unicorns, Who? Disney Now Has a Freakin’ Iridescent Rhino Cupcake With Edible Glitter

I never thought I’d put “rhino” and “cupcake” in the same sentence, but here we are. One of the newest cupcakes you can find at Disney World is the Iridescent Rhino Cupcake at The Mara, the quick-service spot at Animal Kingdom Lodge. The chocolate cupcake has caramel filling, pink and purple frosting, edible glitter, crunchy pearls, and to top it all off, a rhino cookie. If this cupcake could talk, it would say, “‘Scuse me, unicorns, but it’s time to have my moment,” probably.

The definitely tops the list of the best Disney cupcakes, and it’s part of Disney World’s lineup of other iridescent treats (which does include a sparkly unicorn cupcake, of course). If you find yourself eating dinner at the Animal Kingdom Lodge, be sure to save room for dessert!

Whoa, You Have 36 Hours to Shop These Amazon Prime Day Shoe Deals — Hurry!

It’s time to make some extra space in your closet. Amazon Prime Day has arrived, and the deals will make you audibly gasp. The sale goes from July 16 at 3 p.m. ET and will last all the way through July 17. We’re especially in love with the discounted shoes, so we rounded up the very best options for you to choose from. Treat your feet to something special, but act fast! You only have until tomorrow.


Bruce Willis Parties With Some of His Best Girls After Getting Roasted by Demi Moore

Bruce Willis was the man of the hour at his Comedy Central roast, which was filmed in LA on Saturday. During the show, which airs on July 29, the beloved action star was reportedly dragged beyond belief by his ex-wife, Demi Moore, whom he was married to from 1987 to 2000. The 55-year-old actress made a surprise appearance on the dais alongside stars like Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Edward Norton, Martha Stewart, and Cybill Shepherd, who starred with Bruce on Moonlighting back in the ’80s. According to Deadline, Demi told her ex, “I look at our marriage like The Sixth Sense: you were dead the whole time.” Burn!

Bruce walked the red carpet with his current wife, model Emma Heming. After the big event, he linked up with Demi and their three daughters, Rumer, Scout, and Tallulah. Also along for the fun was Bruce’s adorable mom, Marlene Willis. The group posed for sweet photos together at the afterparty. Keep reading to see Bruce with his leading ladies.


Prepare to LOSE It Over This Rose Gold Watch — on Sale For Amazon Prime Day!

Rose-gold-lovers, you’ll need to sit down for this one. Amazon Prime Day has already been quite eventful, but we found a deal that’s truly exciting. This gorgeous Tommy Hilfiger Rose Gold Watch ($65, originally $145) is on sale. Sixty-seven customers have already reviewed the timepiece, and almost 80 percent of them give it a perfect five stars. That’s quite impressive!

Whether you’re treating yourself or in need of a gift, this design is a smart investment. It’s well-made, so you know it will last for years to come. It comes in a cute little Tommy Hilfiger box, which makes the purchase feel extra special. The watch is also water-resistant, so if you spill on it, there’s no need to freak out. Basically, it’s an all-around great buy.

We can’t wait to wear this rose gold watch on the regular. You only have five hours to get it on sale, so buy it as soon as you can! We love a good steal.

This Cute $16 Dress Is on Sale For Amazon Prime Day — You Have 5 Hours to Get It!

Need a new dress? Just check out Amazon Prime Day! One of the most popular options on sale right now is this pretty Ecowish A-Line Dress ($16, originally $21). The discount will only stick around until tonight, so you need to get your hands on this item ASAP. Over 300 customers have reviewed the piece and even posted photos wearing it.

So why is this dress so covetable? For starters, it comes in 14 different colors and patterns. It’s also made with pockets, which is so convenient. The A-line silhouette is flattering on an array of body types, so you can feel confident placing an order. Don’t hesitate; it’s already selling out. It will be gone before you know it!

Jennifer Aniston’s Handbags Are Like Good Friends — She’s Got a Go-to For Every Situation

Jennifer Aniston’s handbag collection is extremely sophisticated. While she might prefer to dress down in distressed denim and simple tees most of the time, Jen’s purses are all about luxury. While she totes everything from Chloé and Céline to Chanel and Mark Cross, the silhouettes she chooses aren’t over-the-top or trend-driven. That’s why she’ll be able to wear all of her bags for a very long time, and the proof is in the pudding.

You’ll notice that Jen keeps a favorite bag on rotation for quite some time, rather than transferring all her essentials from one satchel to another each time she steps out. We know that all the bags ahead weren’t just gifted to Jen to wear to an event, because she’s worked them all seamlessly into her street style. Read on to see and shop Jen’s go-tos, and you’ll get an automatic A+ in the accessories department, just like that.


20 Limited-Edition Products to Add to Your Vanity This Summer

Whenever our favorite brands unveil limited-edition packaging, our beauty-loving hearts skip a beat. We need it, and we need to buy it before it’s gone for good.

During the Summer, brands come out with some of the most fun, brightly hued packaging of our dreams, making us want to restock our most-loved items or try a new one out while we can. Ahead you’ll find adorably decorated bottles of perfume, glitter-adorned makeup palettes, and floral-dotted packaging that you’ll want to add to your vanity.

The packaging is so pretty, you’ll want to show it off. Keep reading to see the best limited-edition products this Summer.


SOS: We Want All the Furniture on Sale From Amazon Prime Day Now!

We rarely turn down a good sale, especially one as insane as Amazon Prime Day. The mega retailer slashes the prices on hundreds of superpopular items for a limited time only. It starts on July 16 at 3 p.m. ET and lasts for only 36 hours. It’s time to grab your wallet and prepare to shop.

The sale is filled with so many amazing tech products and kitchen gadgets, but Amazon’s discounted furniture selection is too good to miss. Whether you’ve been dreaming about buying a sectional sofa, an upholstered headboard, or a marble side tables, we have you covered. We saved you time and uncovered the hottest furniture finds that you’ll likely ever see again. Keep scrolling to shop before it’s too late.


Thrill-Seekers, Would You Ride This Dangerous-Looking 180-Foot Forest Slide?

Remember those really tall carnival slides you would go on when you were a kid? You would sit on potato sacks and slide down from way above the ground. Or maybe you recall the playground slides where groups of children would gather around the stairs leading up to them, excitedly waiting their turn to slide down. Now imagine a slide, similar to these two, but just much, much higher and nearly 180 feet in length, amid a forest — dreamy, right?

This famous 180-foot giant slide is located at Baumwipfelpfad Schwarzwald in Germany and is open from mid-March through early November each year from morning until later in the evening. To get to the top, slide-goers must travel up a curving wooden tree walk that takes you high above Germany’s Black Forest, offering a scenic view of one of the country’s largest vacation destinations along the way. Visitors, ages 6 years and up, use large, sliding mats to plunge down the 180-foot tunnel, winding tens of stories down and eventually landing at the base of the forest.

If you plan on visiting this corner of the world and are looking for a thrilling experience, be sure to check out the slide at Baumwipfelpfad Schwarzwald while you are there!


These Pics of Liam Hemsworth and Rebel Wilson Dancing Are the Monday Pick-Me-Up You Need

We get it: Mondays are rough, but we’ve got the perfect treat to cheer you up! On Sunday, Liam Hemsworth, Rebel Wilson, Priyanka Chopra, and Adam DeVine were spotted dancing on the streets of NYC as part of their upcoming film, Isn’t It Romantic. The cast looked like they had the best time as they showed off their smooth moves, and at one point, Liam even whipped out a saxophone and started playing in the middle of the street.

“I think it’s safe to say I’m bringing saxy back. 😉 Dad jokes. (Not actually a dad),” Liam joked on Instagram. “Had the best time filming with this bunch! A truly great group of people. So many laughs. Can’t wait for everyone to see it.” The romantic comedy doesn’t hit theaters until Valentine’s Day 2019, but we have a feeling it’s going to be adorable.


Had the best time filming with this bunch! A truly great group of people. So many laughs. Can’t wait for everyone to see it next year on valentines weekend! @isntitromanticmovie

A post shared by Liam Hemsworth (@liamhemsworth) on Jul 15, 2018 at 10:39am PDT

The First Stranger Things Season 3 Trailer Leaves Us With More Questions Than Answers

The following contains spoilers for the first two seasons of Stranger Things.

When we last see the crew from Stranger Things, things are looking up: Eleven has closed the portal between the Upside Down and the town of Hawkins, and young love is blooming between several new couples . . . most notably, Lucas and Max and Mike and Eleven. But of course, there’s still plenty of unfinished business to worry fans of the Netflix series. The “Mind Flayer” that plagues Will Byers in season two is still seemingly out there, Max’s awful stepbrother, Billy, hasn’t gone anywhere, and there’s always a shadowy cloud of potential evil on the horizon for Hawkins. Plus, based on cryptic things the cast has said about season three, there’s plenty to be nervous about!

So when Stranger Things dropped an ’80s-tastic teaser for the new season on July 16 — only a day after the show’s two-year premiere anniversary — it left many fans scratching their heads. The 90-second teaser doesn’t bother answering any lingering questions from season two; instead, it introduces a new shopping mall for the town of Hawkins. Sure, it’s presumably a setting for the upcoming season, but what about the characters we know and love?

While we have more questions than answers about the teaser, we’ve broken down all the things we do glean from the season three teaser ahead . . . including the show’s return date.

These Are the 6 Things I Did For the Past 3 Months to Ditch Belly Fat

I’ve never been superlean, and when I gain weight, it goes straight to my belly and it seems that it’s the last place I lose it. I’m in my 40s and my belly fat has been around since high school, and now that my youngest is old enough that I can no longer refer to my tummy as baby weight, I got serious about trying to slim my middle. Strict diets with calorie counting and measuring my food with a scale didn’t work for me — even when I dropped down to 1,200 to 1,400 calories a day, I didn’t lose weight, and I just couldn’t live on so few calories per day. Strict exercise (hello CrossFit five times a week!) didn’t do the trick either. But these are the six things I did to finally lose my belly fat.


The Keto Diet Can Help You Lose Tons of Weight, but It Has This Gross Side Effect

Photographer: Diggy LloydRestrictions: Editorial and internal use only.Product Credits: Model on left: Club Monaco jacket, Joie dress, YaYa publicity ring and earrings, Target sunglasses. Model on right: Banana Republic sweater, Gap pants.

It’s no surprise the keto diet is so popular — it’s helped countless people lose weight, gives you more energy, and can lower blood sugar levels. And while the keto diet does come with some negative side effects, none is more embarrassing than keto breath. Unlike halitosis, or regular bad breath, keto breath is its own phenomenon where people who are on keto or another extremely low-carb diet experience breath that smells like acetone or ammonia.

Fortunately, although it’s unpleasant, keto breath can be treated. We tapped some dentists, who explained why this happens and how you can treat your stank breath.

Why Does the Keto Diet Give You Such Bad Breath?

You may think the bad breath comes from eating all that bacon and cheese. And while those certainly don’t help, it’s not the food you’re eating that causes such a foul odor radiating from your mouth — at least, not directly.


On the keto diet, the goal is to get your body into a state of ketosis. By eating more fat and so few carbs, your body starts to burn fat for fuel once it runs out of its carbohydrate reserves. As your body burns through its fat stores, it produces ketones in the liver. Once your blood ketones reach a certain level, you are in ketosis. When your body releases ketones, they leach into your urine and breath; hence, the foul smell.

“The specific culprit is acetone, a ketone that exits the body in your urine and is also released in your breath, creating a distinct odor that has been described like rotten fruit or even metallic,” dentist Chris Kammer, DDS, founder of American Academy For Oral Systemic Health, told POPSUGAR.

And it’s not just the ketones that are causing your bad breath; if you’re eating a lot of protein, that could also be a contributing factor, explained dentist Kyle Stanley, DDS, a professor at the University of Southern California School of Dentistry.

“Classic bad breath is caused by volatile sulfur compounds, or VSCs,” he told POPSUGAR. “These VSCs are caused by the breakdown of protein that sit on the back of the tongue and smell like rotten eggs.” The VSCs combined with the acetone make for one nasty and embarrassing odor.

Is There Anything You Can Do?

If you’re doing well on the keto diet and enjoying all the other benefits, you can still stay in ketosis and treat your bad-breath situation. One way is to stimulate the saliva production in your mouth with natural xylitol, which is a sugar-free compound. Dr. Kammer recommends the Spry Dental Defense brand of xylitol mints, gum, and mouthwash.


He also suggests drinking plenty of water throughout the day to give your mouth enough saliva, and also munching on herbs, especially parsley, clove, and cinnamon. Of course, it’s important to keep up with your oral hygiene, which includes brushing at least twice a day, flossing, and using mouthwash.

Otherwise, you can get your body out of ketosis and start eating more carbs again. It’s up to you whether or not chewing minty gum and swigging mouthwash throughout the day are worthwhile.

Dwayne Johnson Is Cute, but His Baby Girl Jasmine Is Even Cuter

Dwayne Johnson and longtime love Lauren Hashian welcomed a beautiful baby girl named Jasmine in December 2015, and the pair has given us plenty of precious peeks at their little bundle of joy. At only 2 years old, Jasmine has already made her red carpet debut like older sister Simone Alexandra, and has successfully managed to melt us into a puddle of mush with her adorable antics. To make things even more exciting, Jasmine recently became a big sister to Dwayne and Lauren’s newest addition, Tiana! Check out some of Jasmine’s cutest moments ahead.


5 Reasons You Can’t Lose Weight, According to a Celebrity Nutritionist

Are you working out, eating healthy, tracking your macros, and still not losing weight? Dr. Daryl Gioffre, D.C., a celebrity certified nutritionist whose clients include Kelly Ripa and Mario Lopez, explains five reasons your body is holding on to fat. With his degree in functional nutrition and experience as a health coach, he shares what changes you should make to start dropping those extra pounds.


Attention, One Tree Hill Fans: Chad Michael Murray Is Starring in a Hallmark Christmas Movie

LOS ANGELES, CA - November 21: (EXCLUSIVE COVERAGE) Chad Michael Murray visits the Young Hollywood Studio on November 15, 2017 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Derek Martin/Young Hollywood/Getty Images)

Chad Michael Murray is starring in a new Hallmark movie this holiday season, and we can already feel the nostalgia. The One Tree Hill alum will star in The Wise Men alongside Hallmark familiar face Jessy Schram, Entertainment Weekly reports. The movie tells the story of Maggie (Schram), who has to make sure her boss’s three sons come home in time for Christmas. You guessed it: Murray, named Danny in the movie, is one of the sons. When a blizzard hits (you guessed it again!), Maggie asks for Danny’s help during a cross-country journey, and a romantic connection is born.

This is totally the kind of movie that requires a cozy blanket and a cup of hot chocolate. While other One Tree Hill cast members, including Hilarie Burton and Robert Buckley, will appear in the Lifetime movie A Christmas Contract, it looks like this is a solo project for Murray. Hallmark is releasing more than 30 new holiday movies this year beginning at the end of October, so let the countdown begin.

Here’s Why I (Mostly) Love My Copper IUD

When President Trump took office nearly two years ago, many women made a mad dash to their doctors’ offices to get intrauterine devices, or IUDs, for fear that their birth control’s affordability was about to end. I had actually already had my Paragard copper IUD for a year at that point and was happy to encourage other women to go the same route.

Before getting my IUD, I was on birth control pills for four years. When I changed jobs in 2015, I went to get a refill of my pills and was told a one-month supply would cost $110 out of pocket because my new health insurance hadn’t kicked in yet. Despite the fact that I’d been on it for so long, I wasn’t really loving my experience on the pill, especially after experiencing various side effects such as mood changes and fatigue. So instead of forking over the cash, I made the decision to quit the pills for at least that 90-day probation period and then assuming I was feeling good, talk to my doctor about switching to an IUD once I was covered.


There are actually five brands of IUDs available to women: the non-hormonal Paragard and the hormonal Mirena, Kyleena, Liletta, and Skyla. The key differences are the fact that the hormonal IUDs can be left in for three to six years, while Paragard lasts for 10, and the hormonal versions can cause side effects similar to other birth control methods.

During my break from the pill, I asked around for friends’ opinions and experiences with the different types of IUDs. I was especially interested in the non-hormonal Paragard and was really glad I heard some firsthand experiences from real people I knew, because I found that when I first went googling, I only came across horror stories of severe ongoing menstrual pain, which, along with spotting, is known to be the main side effect of this type of IUD. Honestly, my first post-procedure period did involve cramps that felt like knives to the stomach and woke me up in the middle of the night. But I’m glad I gave it time, because nearly three years in, I am, for the most part, happy with my decision to go with the copper IUD.


If you have insurance, you can’t beat the cost.

I went through various job changes and insurance plans during the four years I was on the pill. My generic version of Yaz, or drospirenone, cost me anywhere from $10 to $30 a month during that time, which added up quickly. IUDs, meanwhile, are on the list of contraceptive methods that are 100 percent covered by the Affordable Care Act. (#ThanksObama) This meant that when I went in for the insertion and one-month check-up, I paid absolutely nothing out of pocket, not even a co-pay. It’s a relief to know I’m covered for up to seven more years, and I won’t suddenly be unable to afford my birth control, regardless of the country’s political state.

The insertion wasn’t as bad as I anticipated.

When one IUD-bearing friend warned me that the procedure would “hurt like a mofo,” I was expecting to be crying on the table. But thanks to the fact that my doctor advised me to come in during my period (when my cervix would be opened up), and after taking a dose of prescription misoprostol the night before, as well as 800 milligrams of ibuprofen the day of, I found that it really wasn’t much worse than a Pap smear (and thankfully didn’t take much longer than that, either).


My periods are longer and heavier, but manageable.

Everyone (even doctors) warned me that I would be saying goodbye to the short, light, and predictable periods I had while on the pill. This turned out to be true to a certain extent — with the copper IUD, I get my period approximately every 24-28 days, and it lasts about seven days total with one or two days of heavier flow. Yes, that can be annoying, but it’s actually very similar to my experience when I was on nothing at all, and according to the Mayo Clinic, these are still considered characteristics of a normal period. I do experience some uncomfortable cramping on those heavier days, but it’s nothing a heating pad and some ibuprofen can’t help.

My energy levels improved significantly.

I’m an avid long-distance runner and marathoner constantly seeking to achieve new goals and better my race times. During the four years I was on the pill, I found that my performance plateaued. Despite training consistently, I always felt fatigued and exhausted. I could never hit my goal paces in speed workouts and usually crashed and burned in races. Within a month of being off the pill (and making some slight changes in my training practices along the way) that changed. I had more energy and finally started nailing most of my workouts. I also quickly dropped the pesky five pounds that had stubbornly shown up and hung around for the last four years. And best of all, after four months of having my IUD and seven months of being off hormonal birth control, I finally hit the new marathon personal record I’d been chasing for all those years. I know there isn’t sufficient research regarding birth control’s effects on athletic performance, but I can’t help but wonder if the timing of my running gains were more than just coincidental.

You can set it and forget it.

Once your IUD is inserted, you’re set. All you have to do is check for the strings from time to time to ensure it hasn’t shifted out of place. No more worrying about taking your pills and picking up your prescription refills on time. You really can’t beat that peace of mind.

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Has All the Tops Your Wardrobe Needs

No matter how full our closets are, we always need more tops. They’re so versatile, comfortable, and easily amp up an otherwise simple outfit. Whether you prefer a loud printed wrap top or feel best in a classic white tee, we found something you’ll definitely love at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale! Here’s the scoop: the sale occurs from July 12-Aug. 5, and until July 19, only Nordstrom cardholders can purchase items on sale. It opens completely to the public on July 20, so if you don’t have a Nordstrom card, get an early look at what you want to buy! And if you are one of the lucky ones, shop away!


No Shocker Here: Build-a-Bear’s “Pay Your Age Day” Was an Absolute Frenzy — See the Photos!

It looks like Build-a-Bear may have bit off a tad more stuffing than it could chew. On July 12, the toy retailer hosted (or rather, attempted to host) its first-ever “Pay Your Age Day,” and — *spoiler alert* — it caused an absolute frenzy. The lines were up to seven hours long in some locations, and ultimately, Build-a-Bear had no choice but to end the one-day-only deal early due to the “extreme crowds and safety concerns.”

Needless to say, social media was completely flooded with evidence of the chaos. Some disgruntled parents shared photos of the endless lines and expressed their grief over the failed promotion, while others, who dodged the bullet and skipped “Pay Your Age Day,” simply sat back and tweeted about how it was a disaster waiting to happen. Ahead, check out a sampling of behind-the-scenes footage from jam-packed Build-a-Bears across the US and UK, and you’ll likely be left wondering, “Sheesh, who knew people were willing to go such great lengths just for a flippin’ discounted stuffed animal?”

All the Times Prince William and Kate Middleton Put Their Love Front and Center at Wimbledon

Prince William and Kate Middleton don’t show PDA often, but when they do, it’s usually at sporting events. Over the years, the pair have given us tiny glimpses of their love as they attended the Wimbledon Tennis Championships and cheered on their favorite players. Kate, who played tennis at St. Andrews, is an avid Andy Murray fan. Whether they’re giving each other loving glances in the stands or they’re helping each other make their way to their seats, Kate and Will always look like they’re having a ball at Wimbledon. See some of their best moments at the event ahead.


Today Is the Best Day to Buy the Echo Dot Kids Edition — It’s Only $60!

As a consumer, Amazon Prime Day can feel a bit overwhelming — there’s admittedly a lot to sift trough. But if you know the family could benefit from having Alexa in their house — a kid-friendly one at that — then you’ve smartly waited because the Echo Dot Kids Edition ($60, originally $80) just went on sale. And though it comes in red, green, or blue, it’s not just the primary colors that make it suitable for the children.

What differentiates this version from its big sister is parental control. To start, parents get access to a dashboard where they can limit activity, filter explicit songs, and even set a time limit on usage. The Kids Edition also comes with a year of FreeTime Unlimited, which gives the little ones access to educational content, radio stations, and more than 300 Audible books, geared to them. And if you needed another reason to get excited about this iteration of Alexa, here goes: you can use it to call the kids for dinner. Just imagine never having to scream to them from the kitchen again!

This New Photo of Prince Louis Giggling in Kate’s Arms Will Immediately Make You Melt


Just when we thought that Prince Louis couldn’t get any cuter, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge decided to share another adorable photograph of the little royal. In the precious snap, which was taken alongside Louis’s official christening portraits, a radiant Kate can be seen cradling her laughing baby boy in her arms in the garden of Clarence House. And while we might never know what prompted such a sweet reaction from the 2-month-old, we have a feeling that cheeky Prince George and Princess Charlotte might be the reason behind those giggles.

Prince Louis’s christening was the first time we got to get a glimpse at the tiny royal since his official photos with sister Charlotte in May. As the precious christening portraits were released over the weekend, Kate and William enjoyed some couple time at Wimbledon to watch the men’s singles final, and the Duchess of Cambridge also spent some quality time with Meghan Markle when the duo checked out Serena Williams’s match.

I Planned My Wedding in Just 2 Months, and It Was the Best Decision

My 24th birthday will be one that I remember forever. It was the day my then-boyfriend popped the question. His proposal was perfect: he had taken me out to dinner at an elegant restaurant before bringing me back to the waterfront hotel and bar where we had met three years earlier. He ushered me into their largest suite where the candles had already been lit and a birthday cake sat waiting on the table surrounded by a pile of presents. Well, you guessed it. Inside one of those presents was my ring. I was in awe as he proceeded to get down on one knee and asked me to marry him.

Like any bride-to-be, I wanted to start planning immediately. We decided on a Fall wedding — early November when New England is at its most glorious — which gave us a solid 15 months to plan and save.

Exactly one month later, my dad was diagnosed with stage four lung cancer, and his prognosis was grim. Once the dust settled, we decided on a new date. The only thing was that it gave us just two months to pull everything together.


With only two months to plan, we didn’t have the luxury of stressing over details or feeling cheated out of the things we had to sacrifice in order to make our wedding happen. Having to make sacrifices on your wedding day for the sake of time and budget sounds awful at first. After all, you only get to do this once, right? (At least that’s what most starry-eyed brides hope for, anyway.) But in the end, we were forced to sit down and think about what really mattered. For us, it was having the people we loved there to share in our day. Then everything else just fell into place.

We were forced to sit down and think about what really mattered. For us, it was having the people we loved there to share in our day.

Both our church and venue, which normally hosts up to three weddings at a time, were completely open on the day we chose. Since it was only two months away, and the odds of anyone else coming along to book the venue were slim, they gave us their grand ballroom, something typically reserved for events with a minimum of 300 people (a far cry from our 100). And with Christmas less than three weeks away, the entire venue was already beautifully decorated. Once ordered, my gown came in earlier than expected and needed minimal alterations, and the photographer, DJ, and limo service were happy to have some business in their quiet season. In fact, everything went so smoothly that I still wonder why people actually feel the need to spend a year (or more) of their lives planning a party.

So what, exactly, did we sacrifice? Not much. Since it was so close to Christmas, we chose not to burden our friends with the responsibilities and costs associated with being in a bridal party. Instead, we had a maid of honor and a best man. And rather than invite every single person we’ve ever met, we kept it intimate with just our closest friends and family members. I didn’t get the $1,500 bouquet I had originally envisioned, but that’s OK because the simple roses that I carried dried nicely and now serve as a decoration on our mantle. Other than that, I can’t think of a single thing that we missed having.

Ten years and three children later, there’s a lot about my wedding day that I don’t even remember. But I’ll tell you what I do remember. I remember the look on my dad’s face when he walked me down the aisle, and how we were both crying and laughing as we danced to the song he had chosen. I remember my new husband breaking it down on the dance floor to Michael Jackson (I had no idea he actually knew how to dance) and not being able to contain my laughter. I remember one hell of an after party at the hotel bar, complete with a live band, that continued on well into the night in the hallway of rooms that our family and friends occupied. So you see, the invitations, favors, flowers, and centerpieces are easily forgotten. In a couple of years, you won’t remember the details of the party you worked so hard to plan. But you will remember the moments — especially if they’re the last — you had with the people you love.

Meghan Markle Wore Pants For the First Time Since Her Wedding, and It Really Didn’t Disappoint

You know what they say: there’s no rest for the wicked. After a formal meeting with the Irish President on July 11, Meghan Markle let her hair down — quite literally. She and Prince Harry braved the rain for a fun event alongside the Gaelic Athletic Association in Dublin, and the Duchess of Sussex swapped her elegant Roland Mouret dress for a black Givenchy pantsuit and relaxed white tee-shirt. Accessorized with black Sarah Flint pumps ($355), a Givenchy belt ($450), and leather clutch, it immediately reminded us of the one she wore to the Endeavour Fund Awards ceremony back in February.

This is the first time since her wedding to Prince Harry that Meghan has chosen to wear pants. Over the past few weeks, the duchess has stunned in a gorgeous Dior dress, given us a lesson on how to choose the perfect LBD, turned heads in a pink suit dress, and surprised all of us in a simple shirt dress when she made her debut at Royal Ascot. As we look forward to seeing Meghan wearing more pantsuits, read on to get a closer look at her latest ensemble.


Mattel’s Newest Interactive Toy Is 100% Going to Be the Hottest of the Holiday Season

If you grew up playing with (and relentlessly collecting) Furbys and trolls, you’re going to be completely on board with the newest interactive toy from Mattel, which is shaping up to be one of the hottest new toys of the year. Adorable and colorful Lil’ Gleemerz, with their fluffy light-up tails and glowing eyes, interact with your child based on touchpoints and will likely become one of their favorite playthings (not to mention, they just might be able to ward off the “Can I have a pet?” asks for a bit).

To wake up your Lil’ Gleemerz, press its nose and engage in one of its three modes of play: hangout mode, light-party mode, or game mode. “In hangout mode, pet and pinch the Lil’ Gleemerz for purrs, growls, jokes, funny phrases, and more,” a Mattel spokesperson told POPSUGAR. “In light-party mode, clap or play music and the Lil’ Gleemerz will flash their eyes and tails to the beat for a dazzling light show. In game mode, play three different games (Catch the Kiss, Tail Tennis, and Stop on the Spot) with the traveling lights in the glowing tails!”

Available now for $20 each, Lil’ Gleemerz have over 100 reactions for your child to discover: they purr, laugh, flash their lights, say funny phrases, and, because potty humor is everything, they even fart. In case that all gets to be a bit too much, there’s a handy on-off switch on its back that you can flip for your child’s Lil’ Gleemerz to bid them a “Goodnight, friend.” Even when turned off, their little paws allow them to (literally) hang out with your child in a noninteractive way, as they can hang off things like laptop screens.

If you’re not already sold, their cute little faces might do the trick — check out the three Lil’ Gleemerz available for your child to add to their wish list below.


This Affordable Design Service Helped Me Solve My No-Storage Crises

As a former home editor and interior design junkie, I’m rarely stumped by decorating decisions, but my 2-year-old son’s bedroom has been trapped in decorating limbo since we moved into our home last year. Finding a solution for toy storage, let alone a system for keeping clothes, books, and baby gear organized, felt too overwhelming to deal with, so I avoided it.

It wasn’t until I discovered Modsy that I realized a handy shortcut existed. While digital interior design services aren’t exactly a new phenomenon, Modsy takes it a step further. Like most digital design services, it creates a design plan based on answers gleaned from questions about your taste and where you like to shop. What really sets it apart is its custom 3D renderings, which offer a 360-degree peek into the possibilities of what your revamped room could look like. You can actually visualize how to rearrange a room to make it more beautiful and efficient — something I desperately needed help with.

If You Have to Move Your Entire Closet, Use These Easy Hacks

Packing can cause a lot of anxiety, especially when you have a pretty large wardrobe of pieces you hold dear. To ensure nothing gets damaged or mysteriously goes missing, it’s important to stay organized and methodical while you move. Make sure you remember to set aside clothes to wear leading up to your move and also clothes to wear as you unpack at your new place. It’s also a great time to purge any items you no longer wear so you don’t have to make space for them in your new home.

We’re sharing nine time- and space-saving hacks so you won’t have a nervous breakdown when you get to your new place and can’t find your vintage black quilted Chanel bag.


Walmart Has Disney Sleepover Sets Full of Fun Surprises — and All Under $35

Parents, be warned, because once your kids see these sleepover sets, they are going to want at least one (or all of them, frankly). Walmart has the cutest Disney sleepover sets for sale, and each comes with bonus accessories. The retailer is currently offering different versions of fan-favorite Disney characters like Minnie Mouse, Mickey Mouse, Stitch, Doc McStuffins, and so many more. The included accessories vary from pillows to sling bags to hampers. Some of the sets also include a handy flashlight for your little one to bring to their next sleepover. Trust us, you’re going to fall in love with these too and might even wish they were sold in a size fit for adults. Get your wallets ready and keep scrolling to see the options for sale.


Aja Naomi King Shares What It’s REALLY Like Working With Viola Davis

From the outside looking in, you might assume that Aja Naomi King knows all too well about living the glamorous life in Hollywood. The actress stars alongside Viola Davis in Shonda Rhimes’s hit series How to Get Away With Murder and recently landed a huge new beauty deal as the face of L’Oréal Paris True Match Foundation — a big f*cking deal, if you ask us.

But like many women of color, her road to success didn’t come without some lessons. We had a chance to sit down with King, and she told us everything from what it’s really like working with Viola Davis to her biggest fear in coming to work as a black woman and what she’d like to see change in terms of inclusivity in the beauty industry. Luckily, we also got the scoop on her skin and makeup routines — because, hello, have you seen that beautiful melanin complexion?

We’re Cheering For This Overnight Manager at Starbucks Who Helped 1 Mom Give Birth Outside

Rashelle Rehms, the overnight manager at a 24-hour Starbucks in Tacoma, WA, and a mom of two, certainly had an action-packed shift on July 7. The ruckus started when a homeless man started banging on the store’s glass door around 1 a.m., screaming that a woman sprawled out on a nearby patch of grass was in labor.

Without giving it a second thought, Rashelle grabbed some towels from the store and rushed to the stranger’s side. She told Inside Edition that the soon-to-be mom was in a full-fledged panic and asked if Rashelle would help her take her pants off.

Rashelle sprung into action just in time to welcome the new bundle of joy into the world. The baby girl “just came out into my arms,” she said, adding that, “All I really had to do was catch her.”

Although there were definitely some frightening moments — like when the umbilical cord snapped during the delivery — Rashelle tried her best to keep the new mother calm until the paramedics came.

“Those are slippery when they come out,” said Rashelle. “I was just thinking, ‘Oh my gosh, don’t drop her. That’s all you have to do. Don’t drop her.'”

When all was said and done, mom and daughter were taken to the hospital to recover — and Rashelle was down an apron. “I did have to sacrifice my apron,” she explained. “I looked down at it and said, ‘I can’t wear that back to work.'”

The only thing left to do? Break the news to her boss when she walked in the door at 4 a.m., of course.

Rashelle confessed that she broke a rule to her manager, saying, “I broke a rule and it’s a big one. But I delivered a baby . . . I’m sure you’re going to hear all about it. But I wanted you to hear it from me first.”

While her boss was obviously stunned by the news, Rashelle didn’t get into any trouble for helping out a stranger in need.

And apparently the folks over at Starbucks’ corporate headquarters was pretty impressed, too. Starbucks released a statement saying, “We’re proud of our partner for her quick thinking and response until additional help could arrive, and appreciate their quick response as well.”

Iskra Lawrence’s Bikini Was Made For a Sexy ’70s Vixen — Can You Handle That?

We were immediately obsessed with Iskra Lawrence’s halter-style ring bikini when she wore it in red in March 2018. The design is from Aerie, though it’s not yet available on the site. Anyhow, it’s got major ’70s influence thanks to a row of rings that bare cleavage down the front of the suit. Iskra sported the black version in Miami on the beach, pairing the top with standard, cheeky-fit bottoms and oversize frames to play up the retro vibes even more. While you can’t add Iskra’s exact design to your drawer just yet, we found some similar sexy silhouettes that will take you back in time. Walk this way, baby.